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Commission Reference


Harley and Violet are good friends but their relationship is somewhat romantic 💖Harley is often drawn as bust / half-body with Violet as full-body (Sometimes they appear similar in size in dream sequences)Open to pose / composition, expressions are usually happy (Sometimes happy tear(s) for Harley)
Mood can vary from heartwarming + magical to existential + bittersweet

Inspired by The Little Prince ⭐ + Moby-Dick 🐳
💜 Shy, awkward, emotional young adult- blushes often
💜 Gold hair + Brown eyes, freckles, fair complexion
✅ Freckles should be visible
Symbol: Sunflowers 🌻
Inspired by Thumbelina 🌱 + The Little Mermaid 🧜
💜 Motherly, mature, older adult- sweet and a bit flirty
💜 Brown hair + Teal eyes, light-medium complexion
✅ Skin tone should be darker than Harley's (Can vary depending on lighting)
❌ Should not be larger than Harley's head (When "Thumbelina" sized)
Symbol: Forget-me-nots 🌼

Relationship Dynamic
Harley has a huge crush on Violet and she is aware of it (Despite him never saying anything)
Violet thinks Harley is cute and sometimes playfully flirts with him (And doesn't mind that he is oblivious)

Outfits / Themes

Sometimes I'll define the outfits / theme but these outfits are ok to use! (May be loosely based or pull different details from other outfits)If you feel more drawn to a different theme than the one I gave you or have an idea you think you would be better at executing- Go for it!

*Don't use these unless if otherwise requested 👇

Aesthetic / Mood Board

I prefer backgrounds inspired by the aesthetic OR a simple color bg with visual accentsGeneral elements and motifs
💜 Sunflowers + Forget-me-nots
💜 Red + White checkered pattern
💜 Water / Waves / Bubbles
💜 Sparkles + Stars / Full moon
💜 Secondary florals: White lilies, red roses, violets
(Sunflowers and forget-me-nots are primary)

Commission Gallery

I like to give artists a lot of freedom with the source material- One of my favorite things about art is that no one can do YOUR art but YOU!Commissions are for my personal use as wallpapers and prints- May make keychains, acrylic standees and t-shirts but never for profit (Prefer 300dpi+ / A5-A4 or larger but otherwise no preference for canvas size)Artists are free to post commissions on socials- With or without tagging me! (Artists always retain ownership and the right to use, display and promote their artwork)Never in a rush with turnarounds and my budget is usually flexible- Monthly progress updates are good with me unless if an other expected timeline is communicatedEmail for Paypal, sending files + invoices and general communication is [email protected]Thank YOU! 💖